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Description of the JL System function in business and advertising

JL System and its various technologies work based on the use of physical law of resonance, on all the continents - regardless of distance, at the quantum level are not lost. On the one hand, the quantum generator - transmitter (primary resonator) and on the other hand, the target object (antenna) that is activated. Target object at the time of transmission antenna becomes (secondary resonator) and radiates into the agents - the desired dated harmonization energy-information. Receivers are used as arbitrary objects such as:

  • Company logo
  • promotional materials
  • billboards
  • Images and labels
  • Signs and labels
  • different products
  • component parts or the whole device
  • etc. …


This harmonization energy-information transmitting quantum generator is transmitting into the natural geomagnetic field of Earth. This is captured target object (advertising mat., Goods, facilities, etc.). Subsequently, the Subject has the effect on their surroundings by increasing the electrical conductivity of ionic environment and balance of a particular area. It also positively influences the consumer, who meets with the target object. Consumers are to the target object in the opposite electrical polarity and therefore electro-statically attracted to the target objects. The consumer is thus in the presence of objects attracted to it. He/she naturally feels better and is looking for it (harmonized environment).



Physiology of consumers and JL System

The affect of advertising process according to research is carried out by consumers in the first few seconds. For this process is being called the "first impression". It's emotional pulse of consumer expectations, accompanied by a change of bio-electric processes as we know from the results of neuro-marketing. It works with target groups of consumers outside their rational consideration. Physiologically, this condition manifests release endorphins into the blood circulation, accelerating the heart rate, increased blood pressure and enlargement of cerebral blood vessels. In this state symbols and products are well recorded in the memory.

By using JL System, this phase of the sale and advertising enhances and prolongs its effectiveness. The JL System operates mainly on the visual center of consumers. The JL System stimulates the brain center of memory and acts by stimulating the entire surface of the body. In the experience of users raises consumers' feelings of warmth and more pleasant physiological reactions. This Processes, along with advertising leaves in the customer deep emotional record. In retrospect then automatically produce a conditional reflex, the next contact with the same symbols and products treated by JL System. Treated products invoking in customers the symbols spontaneously conjured by the image. The idea of a product projects itself in connection with specific needs the product could be offered to satisfy. In particular need to evoke in the minds of customers' specific product.

In some cases recollection of circumstances of the contact time of the consumer with stimulated advertising, such as smell, feelings, etc. The process of amplification is stimulated by contact with products. Consumers are more receptive to change and they felt themselves clamoring for answers, what's happening to them.

This treatment technique of advertising is done with high effect in all commonly used media. The JL System can be directly applied in the sales and presentation areas. Stimulated areas literally attract customers electro statically.

JL System is an effective tool in the hands of advertising and trade with high-efficiency.

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