Stimulation programs


Human Resources - Professional programs for personal stimulation:

  • Stimulators for top management.
  • Stimulators for middle management.
  • Stimulators for economic and technical professions.
  • Stimulators for workers.
  • Stimulators reconditioning, relaxation.


Activation Programs environment, with a wider range of activities:

  • The cabins of motor vehicles and ground handling and lifting mechanisms.
  • The walkie-talkies and mobile phones.
  • For the production function with a catalyst of technological processes.
  • For plants and animals in the breeding, gardening, farming and forestry practices.


Activation programs to support marketing and promotion:

(In the form of video, audio, graphics and three-dimensional)

  • State rooms.
  • Constant visual symbols of identification and communication.
  • Promotional materials, product samples, the current marketplace.
  • Materials for the contest.


Programs with a specific activation spectrum of action:

  • Standard environment bio-stimulators.
  • Special environment bio-stimulators.
  • Bio-stimulators according to sites of interest: 
    • of the state rooms
    • of office and computer rooms
    • for the operating room
    • the control rooms


Programs activation of large areas:

  • The facade of buildings.
  • Exhibition stands.
  • Samples of products and their models.
  • Manufacturing.


Programs for the activation of materials:

  • Activation of materials used as a catalyst for technological processes.
  • Activation of materials designed to create resonance in the record processing technology into the final product.
  • Savings of fuel and spare parts.
  • Activation of materials to improve the performance of internal combustion engines, saving fuel and spare parts.
  • Stimulators to protect operation of digital and other electronic devices.
  • Stimulators eliminating formation of electrostatic fields, reducing the possibility of electrostatic discharge in hazardous areas.


Based on the order, or becoming familiar with the situation in the company, LANG-service technologies suggests the best solution according to the latest knowledge and develop the optimal use of project-LANG technologies.