TETRAKTYS ® ™ is a powerful tool of scientific management....

TETRAKTYS ® ™ - a project of physical support for firms

Do You want to:

  • Be successful.
  • Have enough clients.
  • Be competitive.
  • Have a modern progressive company.
  • Improve productivity.
  • Improve the quality of production.
  • Increase your sales.
  • Improve its position in the marketplace.
  • Have sufficient financial income.
  • Produce unique products with more added value.
  • Win the competition.

Then there is for Your Company JL The project and its physical support Tetraktys ® ™.

  • Special treatment microclimate plants, production and advertising.
  • Accelerating biological processes over time.
  • Increasing productivity of workers.
  • Increasing the performance by reducing fatigue.
  • Increasing mental potential and performance.
  • Increasing the promotion, production and sales.
  • Inducing friendly atmosphere.

ISO Certification: ISO 9001:2009: ISO 14001:2005 OHSAS 18001:1999: 19011:2003

  • Business Innovation & Technology Transfer 4/2011
  • Research Report PHARE project COST 244
  • Technology World Forum essentia96
  • Yearbook of the World Council of Management Control Word Update 1996/97
  • Congresses of the European Council management CECIOS 1994 - 1998

JL System is included in the category: 93.04.10. - Services that contribute to good condition.

JL System is protected by registration of the Industrial Property Office in Prague.

Tetraktys ® ™ - a comprehensive treatment programs nanokvantum companies LANG-technologies:
  • Special mikro-climatization staff and facilities.
  • Personal mobile promoters PROFI "Personal protective equipment", are aimed at improving work performance and reduce fatigue while working to protect against negative antropoid influences.
  • Increase productivity by reducing physical losses.
  • PRO stimulators, has in its vicinity, according to user needs and current state of the environment.
  • The range can be customized to increase and multiply.


We offer and supply:

  • Programs for Professional personal stimulation
  • Programs environment activation, with a wider range of activities
  • Programs to promote activation marketing and promotion
  • Programs to activate a specific spectrum of activity
  • Activation of large-scale programs
  • Programs for the activation of materials


Awards producer:

  • Crystal Globe for Research and Development 2011
  • Enterprise Fair Play 2010, Price + Honorary Title
  • Enterprise Fair Play 2009, Price + Honorary Title
  • Enterprise Fair Play 2008, Price + Honorary Title


Attributes: A Tradition of Quality - Service - Guarantee - Reliability


Commercially used by companies since 1992.

Every day, our services can meet, maybe at your competitors.

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